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In today's market it's not just what technology you use, it's knowing that it is 100% supported at both the business and product level so you can boost ROI. In order to get the most out of your investment into Pegboard SILicone and Pegboard7, you must ensure your organisation's specific needs are constantly being satisfied. However, relying on in-house capabilities to ensure this happens isn't always possible and this is one of the main reasons why ROI for online platforms falter.

It's our mission at PegboardCo. to provide business solutions and services that help our clients to be more effective and to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

The provision of Support Services during and after the implementation of both Pegboard SILicone and Pegboard7 is necessary to provide continual user satisfaction and maintain an optimal level of performance.

We will provide you with highly trained staff to help with day-to-day advice and solve problems as they arise. PegboardCo. will act as the point of contact for all questions in relation to the operation of your system.

One of the key points of difference with the Pegboard7 is all adopters of the system have access to upgrades, which ensures you are continually using a platform that is up to date, secure and has the latest technology offerings.

Our Support delivers into these key areas:

  • Accessibility of support
  • Product support response times
  • Technical consultation support
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrade

If you're ready to discuss promoting efficiency and growth within your business, contact PegboardCo. today.

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CMS Platform 

An effortless website engine for editing, emarketing, ecommerce and content seamlessly connected to the rest of your business systems.


Data Integration Platform

Bring all your business systems, data and workflows together seamlessly. Take the next step in uncomplicating your data bottlenecks.


Online Digital Marketing

SEO and SEM digital marketing service that will build stronger relationships with your clients. Delivering business growth, new customers and awareness.

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