Canobolas Caravan and Marine Centre come onboard PegboardCo Optimise

Canobolas Caravan and Marine
Servicing the Central West NSW region for the last 65 years, this family owned business has recently signed onboard PegboardCo. Optimise services, wanting to capitalise on the evergrowing recreational vehicle market. 

The Optimise team have been working on SEO and SEM campaigns to take advantage of the 75 billion dollar industry. After completing the Optimise workshop, the Optimise team has been hard at work researching, planning and outlining a strategy for Canobolas Caravan and Marine Centre.

Over the past 10 months, that strategy has been successfully implemented and executed. Canobolas Caravan and Marine has seen immense growth of new visitors on their website, up 46% from their previous engagement. Month after month, they have seen their sales increase- doubling what they were seeing with their last marketing agency. 

If you're looking for a way to grow your business to achieve success, give the Optimise team a call today at (03) 9005 4795 or email us at info@pegboard.com.au

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