Pegboard completes its CEO, CTO Round Table events

Pegboard recently held a round of meetings up the eastern seaboard with CEO's and CIO's of companies interested in its research.

The round table meetings were held in Queensland, NSW and Victoria and engaged with companies that are interested in the topic of integration of sales and marketing and  core business systems within there own companies.
Pegboard has been carrying out  research over the last 6 months on how companies are experiencing and planning around actioning of the topic. The round tables were a chance for companies to be exposed to some of the highlights that the research has produced and participate in the final round of collaborative research.
CEO of Pegboard Mr Ashton Wynne-Yorke who was present at the events said, " It was positive to see the culmination of the research and the conversation at the round tables events mirror precisely what the research has been telling us.....it identified that the next wave of technology that companies will require is platforms like Pegboard SILicone that bring together harmonious integration that delivers companies integration of their systems and intelligent live reporting"

We would like to thank all those who participated in the round table research events we will be releasing our full research document in early October.

If you are interested in the receiving  a copy of the completed research document please click here.

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