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Pegboard Software releases new product that could save organisations millions.

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Australian company Pegboard Software has developed a solution in the “mastery of data” for organisations that is set to improve the bottom line significantly.

The product, called Pegboard SILicone, was launched last September. SILicone is a software platform that allows all your sales and core business systems to be integrated in one solution, and delivers the ability to create dataflows, workflows and rules across multiple systems in a drop and drag interface quickly and efficiently. This reduces the high cost of developers, support and vendors. Furthermore, because your systems are connected in one platform, SIlicone is able to deliver live reporting via personalised dashboards across an organisation instantly.

At a recent event Pegboard’s CEO Mr. Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, “SILicone allows organisations to move away from traditional point to point integration and move to a single point environment.  IT Managers can take control of their systems data and how they want them to connect and flow information right throughout an organisation. It also delivers the ability to track your systems and servers live to proactively manage the health of your internal environments. The other outcome is that SILicone delivers high value live reporting dashboards across organisations with ease to track performance, KPI’s and changes in day to day operations within the business.”

Recently Home Timber and Hardware (a subsidiary of Woolworths) implemented SILicone for their annual tradeshow. By implementing SILicone, HTH were able to bring together data for the first time from their ERP system, IBM Cognos, their Tradeshow POS system and CRM system. HTH’s CTO Mr. Darren Rowan said, “We needed a system that not only delivered real-time data across multiple systems, but provided stores with evidentiary information to make informed purchasing decisions prior to, and during the tradeshow event, for which SILicone delivered. For our own internal teams, SILicone delivered live reports for our buyers and management to track success for both our stores and suppliers on the week of the tradeshow, making it a truly proactive and successful event for our business.”

In a world where organisations are racing to update internal legacy software systems to be more competitive, productive and modern, there is an underlying reality that bringing together sales and marketing and core business systems is becoming increasingly complex and costly. Whether it be the uptake of cloud services or managing existing system upgrades, migrating data across systems or just managing multiple systems (CRM, ERP, Finance, Web, Documents management etc.), our IT managers are under constant pressure to deliver stable systems, reduce cost and improve user operability to management, staff and clients alike.

Incumbant software vendors of these systems can sometimes be the culprit of the complexities. Jockeying to justify ongoing projects between systems can come at the cost of implementing the right solution. This can leave organisations with an over-complicated web of customised disparate solutions that are unable to deliver a holistic overview of the organisations requirements.

So, how then have organisations been able to connect their data in the past?

The majority of software vendors supply a myriad of API’s, feeds or in some cases direct access to systems enabling areas of their data to be accessible. The end result can quickly become a spaghetti junction of API’s, connections, multiple data flows, replicated databases from multiple software systems that is inefficient, hard to manage and almost impossible to plan around for IT managers. Until now there’s never been an overarching option to help organisations centralise and manage integration seamlessly.

Adobe recently released its 2016 Digital Trends paper, where it explored the cross over between marketing and data driven marketing systems. In relationship to data driven marketing, the VP of Marketing at Adobe, Marta DeBellis said,

It (data) should be the underpinning of any customer interaction, from advertising through to service. And strategically, decisions about data-driven marketing should be made with customer experience in mind. In this year’s study, marketers show they understand both the opportunity and the obstacles to achieving it. When asked to identify their strategic priorities for 2016, more organisations (53%) chose data-driven marketing with their top vote. That’s a huge majority, but again, when you look at this information in the context of the larger study, it becomes apparent that marketers are prioritising data-driven marketing because of customer experience, not instead of it. Without a mastery of data, they simply cannot provide the experiences they aspire to.”

A recent survey of over 120 Australian companies commissioned by Pegboard found 78% of CEO’s, CTO’s and IT Managers believe that the issue of sales and marketing and core business system integration will be their top priority in 2016/17.

The outcome of a product such as SILicone is that it will deliver organisations significant improvement in their ability to rationalize and control their core business systems and environments. It will increase data visibility, reducing hours of manual labour, development and support costs whilst increasing productivity and business activity across all departments seamlessly, potentially saving millions in the process. Wynne-Yorke said,” I am extremely proud of our team at Pegboard in all they have accomplished to bring the SILicone product to market. What is even more satisfying is the overwhelming acknowledgement of nearly every company we meet that this solution delivers them an increase in productivity, a reduction in cost and a fast, flexible ability to deliver outcomes to their organization and clients.”

It’s great to see innovation is alive and well in Australia and that local software companies continue to innovate products that improve organisations in a way that is truly revolutionary and at a global level.

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