Pegboard Launches Web Build Service

If you are a print designer with healthy client relationships then it is highly likely your clients have asked you about web. From their point of view, they trusted you to create the brand in the first instance and now they trust you to take it to market – they don’t make the distinction between print and web.

And if you are passionate about brand you are probably glad about this.

Recently Pegboard put together a complete program to enable graphic designers to maximise their opportunities with web.

The program includes training, pre-sales sales support, business development, the Pegboard software platform and a build service.

The program recognises the two barriers for many designers are a lack of understanding about web and the coding skills to convert their designs into websites.

The Pegboard platform has always been an easy to use, non-programming product and many Pegboard partners are graphic designers. The new build service goes even further, removing any need for HTML or CSS skills.

The business development component of the program recognises that many designers lack the self-assurance required to sell into the web space. Pegboard’s training enables designers to engage clients in the conversation with confidence by demystifying the industry and providing an underpinning support structure.

Graphic designers can now be the guardian of their client’s brand into the web space and do it profitably.

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