Tough Dog Australia takes on SILicone

Tough Dog Australia
Tough Dog  are an Australian owned company who supply and manufacture high quality suspension products to the domestic and international 4x4  markets. 

Yesterday Tough Dog signed an agreement with Pegboard to implement a SILIcone solution into the organisation. John Agostino CEO of Tough Dog said, " We are continuing to grow here and internationally and we have growing requirements around better connectivity between our systems and the ability to utilise data and be enabled to report in real time. Its really hard to navigate vendors and software developers to find the best and most effective approach to our problems. Its certainly has been  great for us to find a product and a team who 'get it'  and who can provide a solution with clarity whilst understanding our business."
Pegboard CEO, Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, " The clients we talk to and continue to work with all say the same thing, the cost of manual processes coupled with  poor connectivity between core internal systems is driving non-productivity and cost through the roof. SILicone has proven time and time again that there is a solution that can quickly turn it all around and comprehensively start to put you ahead of the competition. Its a great honour to have the Tough Dog team on board with us and we look forward to transforming the business with SILicone solution."

It is expected that the project will be deployed and in action in August of this year.

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