PSM Launches with SILicone Solution

Printersupermarket.com.au (PSM), the largest national leader in online retail for Printers, Scanners and toners and accessories have launched with SILicone! We have been working with PSM towards a total integration solution as well as setting them up with our new product 'Pegboard Unite'. Pegboard Unite is a Product Automation Management Portal to enhance automation, productivity and business decision making within the organisation.

With this solution PSM now have the ability to automate the update of product content, product pricing, competitor pricing and stock, as well as discontinued products. This particular solution used 8 endpoints to retrieve product data from distributors and 1 endpoint to retrieve product pricing from competitors. 

PSM Director Mr. Tarquin Hartland explains,"Our experience in working with Pegboard closely over the last 12 months has been fantastic. We have now come out the other end with a solution that has essentially automated laborious and costly business processes brilliantly.

The SILicone product enables us to aggregate multiple suppliers whilst delivering critical pricing, freight and availability to us in a real-time portal that pushes to our Websites. This allows us to have a full helicopter view with the ability to drill down quickly to micro data and detail on the fly. The integration into the ODP websites also delivers us new products and automates content and sets up these new products ready for us to simply approve.

The overall intelligence, workflow, productivity and simplicity of the SILicone solution has begun to deliver excellent outcomes which will definitely be the grounds for us to continue our growth into the future

We are very excited to have Tarquin and the PSM team on-board with SILicone and are looking forward to the continued growth that's taking place! 

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