PegboardCo Launches Riverina Marines Precision Software System

Riverina Marine

Riverina Marine has grown quite the reputation, known as Wagga Wagga's largest boating expert since 1988 and being one of the largest marine centres in Australia. Housing one of the largest ranges of Quintrex Aluminum boats, Yamaha outboards and Camero boats, Riverina Marine is the crowd favourite among boating and waterski enthusiasts in the Wagga Wagga area.

PegboardCo has had the pleasure of working with Riverina Marine to launch their new and improved website. Riverina Marine asked PegboardCo to assist them to solve inefficiencies in their systems through our SILicone management system. SILicone works to harmoniously connect CRM, accounting and document management systems to a single point, therefore allowing comprehensive and extensive endpoint reporting. In this case, Pegboard utilised Riverina Marine's product and inventory management systems to our very own SILicone's Precision Software system  to seamlessly integrate products in Riverina Marina's new website. 

This ensure that data is streamlined to immediately transfer from one database to another, without the unnecessary time employees spent manipulating data to be uploaded on the website. Thus, products on their Riverina Marine's website immediately integrated and updated in real time through SILicone; leaving more time for Riverina Marine to do what they do best - sell boats and waterski accessories.

Pegboard CEO Mr. Ashton Wynne-Yorke said "It's been such a pleasure working alongside Riverina Marine! Our SILicone integration system once again proves itself as a solution to pain points experienced by businesses small and large!" 

Want to know how SILicone can target your business pain points and fix inefficiencies? We're here to help! Give the team a call at (03) 9005 4795 or alternatively contact us at info@pegboard.com.au.

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